OPTI-FREE Replenish Rewetting Drops – 10 ML


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Moisturizes and refreshes lenses. For soft (hydrophilic) lenses, including silicone hydrogel and gas permeable* contact lenses. Works while you wear your lenses to moisturize your eyes and lenses. For greater wearing comfort. Helps remove particulate material that may cause minor irritation, discomfort, dryness, blurring and itchiness while wearing your lenses. Contains RLM-100, which helps prevent protein deposit build-up, when used as directed. *Fluorosilicone acrylate and silicone acrylate gas permeable lenses.


To refresh lenses: If minor irritation, discomfort or blurring occur while wearing lenses, place 2 drops in each eye and blink 2-3 times. Use as needed throughout the day while wearing lenses. To help prevent protein build-up on your soft lenses: Place 2 drops in each eye and blink 2-3 times, 4 times daily. Store at room temperature.


Sterile, Buffered, Isotonic, Aqueous Solution that Contains: Citrate/Borate Buffer and Sodium Chloride, with Edetate Disodium 0.05% and Polyquad (Polyquaternium-1) 0.001% Preservatives and RLM-100 (PEG-11 Lauryl Ether Carboxylic Acid) and Tetronic 1304


To avoid contamination, do not touch dropper tip to any surface. Replace cap after use. See package insert for complete directions for use and important safety information.